Privacy Policy

Last Updated: Oct 30, 2023

HealthMov Solutions Ltd. (“we”, “us”, “our”) is a health and wellness digital platform that can be accessed via our website or mobile application (“HealthMov Platform”). We provide services and information to help track and inform our users (“you”, “your”) about ways that you can improve your health and wellness status. When you access or use the HealthMov Platform, you’ll share some information with us. So, we want to be upfront about the information we collect, how we use it, whom we share it with, and the controls we give you to access, update, and delete your information. That’s why we’ve written this Privacy Policy.

All individuals and organizations whose responsibilities include the processing of any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (“Personal Information”) on behalf of us are expected to protect that data by adherence to this Privacy Policy.  This Personal Information may include certain personal identifiers, contacts and characteristics (for example, your name and contact details). It may include sensitive Personal Information, such as in relation to your health and wellbeing and certain physical characteristics or metrics.  It may also include technical information about you which is automatically generated when accessing the HealthMov Platform (for example, information about your IP address, browser identity, referring website, location). If you’re a user in the European Union, you should know that Healthmov Solutions Ltd is the controller of your Personal Information.

It is important that you read and understand this Privacy Policy, as well as the Terms of Use that apply to your use of the HealthMov Platform.  If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and these Terms of Use, you may not access or use the HealthMov Platform.  

Information We Collect

There are two basic categories of Personal Information we collect:

  • Information you choose to give us.
  • Information we get when you access the HealthMov Platform.
  • Information we receive from third parties.  

Here’s a little more detail on each of these categories.

Information You Choose to Give Us

When you access or interact with the HealthMov Platform, we collect the information that you choose to share with us. For example, certain features of the HealthMov Platform require you to set up an account or log into our services, which may include using 3rd party accounts such as Google and Facebook.  In these instances, we may need to collect a few important details about you, such as: a unique username you’d like to go by, a password, an email address, your phone number, your gender, your country and city and your age. To make it easier for others to find you, we may also ask you to provide us with some additional information that will be publicly visible on the HealthMov Platform, such as profile pictures, a name, your current status or other useful identifying information.  To access or use certain aspects the HealthMov Platofrm and generate relevant information related to your health and wellbeing, we may need to also collect additional Personal Information about you of a more sensitive nature, which may include information about your health generally, sleeping and eating habits, physical activity, height and weight and potentially information about any medical issues or concerns you may have.    

By using the HealthMov Platform and providing us with any Personal Information in that connection and using the means and format provided, you are consenting to the collection, transfer, modification, storage, disclosure and other types of uses and processing of the Personal Information that we collect on the HealthMov Platform, in the manner described in this Privacy Policy and as also may be explained on the HealthMov Platform itself.  It probably goes without saying: When you contact customer support or communicate with us in any other way, we’ll collect whatever information you volunteer.

Information We Get When You Use the HealthMov Platform

When you use the HealthMov Platform, we collect information about which of those services or pages/areas of the platform you’ve used or visited, and how you’ve used them. Here’s a fuller explanation of the types of information we collect when you use the HealthMov Platform:

  • Usage Information. We collect information about your activity through the HealthMov Platform. For example, we may collect information about how you interact with the platform, how often you use it, and so on.
  • Content Information. We may collect profile pictures, name, email, city, gender, age and audio or video recordings that are created by using the digital tools available on the HealthMov Platform.
  • Device Information. We collect information from and about the devices you use to access the HealthMov Platform.  For example, we collect: information about your device/hardware and software, such as the device/hardware model, operating system version, language, battery level, and time zone.
  • Audio and Network Information.  We may collect information from microphones, and whether you have headphones connected; and information about your wireless and mobile network connections, service provider, and signal strength.
  • Camera and Photos. You may use the camera for tracking your health status or your meals and photos to update your profile picture when using the HealthMov Platform.
  • Location Information. We may ask for location information to help find the best partners to access content made available on the HealthMov Platform and redeem your rewards when using the HealthMov Platform.
  • Information Collected by Cookies and Other Technologies. Like most websites and online services / mobile applications, we may use cookies and other technologies, such as web beacons, web storage, and unique advertising identifiers, to collect information about your activity, browser, and device. Most web browsers are set to accept cookies by default. If you prefer, you can usually remove or reject browser cookies through the settings on your browser or device. Keep in mind, though, that removing or rejecting cookies could affect the availability and functionality of the HealthMov Platform, such as keeping you logged in, having the correct time zone for class schedules and reminder notifications.
  • Preference information. We may collect and allow you to retrieve certain information from your profile depending on your preference and interest settings in order to provide the content that is best suited for you. 
  • Activity information. We may use and track the activities performed through your connected or wearable devices in order to provide you with information on your activities.    
  • Push notifications. We may use specific information about you such as health condition, interests, and activities in order to push certain notifications to support your awareness on health and wellness matters, and provide general information and invite you to perform certain activities on the HealthMov Platform.
  • Log Information. We also collect log information when you use the HealthMov Platform. That information includes, among other things:
    • Details about how you’ve used the HealthMov Platform.
    • Device information, such as your phone or web browser type and language.
    • Access times.
    • Pages viewed.
    • IP address.
    • Identifiers associated with cookies or other technologies that may uniquely identify your device or browser.
    • Device type such as iOS or Android etc
    • Pages or areas of the HealthMov Platform you visited before or after navigating to it.

Information We Receive from Third Parties

In order to compute your health scores on the HealthMov Platform, we may analyse the type of food you eat and monitor your activities, and we may use information that is collected and processed from third party technology or devices in order to do so.  The information received from such third parties through your usage of their technology into the HealthMov Platform allows us to provide certain elements to you relevant to your health score and overall interests in the HealthMov Platform.

You may also decide that you want to share certain information with the HealthMov Platform from third party services or applications that you use, such as social media or other exercise / activity tracking services.  You can choose to stop sharing any such information from other third party platforms that you use at your discretion by taking the necessary steps in your account settings to remove our access.  

HealthMov use of information received from Health Connect will adhere to the Health Connect permissions policy, including the Limited use requirements.  The access to Health Connect data will only be used to the extent necessary to provide you the services, content and features available under the HealthMov Platform and as per Your rights specified under this Privacy Policy.

Depending on the nature of your account or access to the HealthMov Platform, we may also receive information from your employer or insurance provider (for example, if you sign up to the HealthMov Platform as part of a company-wide program initiated by your employer).    

How We Use Information

What do we do with the information we collect? We provide you with access to the HealthMov Platform and its current features, which we relentlessly strive to improve. 

Here are some of the ways that we may use your information to do that:

  • Develop, operate, improve, deliver, maintain, provide and protect the HealthMov Platform.
  • Send you communications, including by email and in-app notifications. For example, we may use email to respond to support inquiries or to share information about the HealthMov Platform and other of our products, services, and promotional offers that we think may interest you.
  • Monitor and analyze trends and usage.
  • Personalize your services and use of the HealthMov Platform.
  • Enhance the safety and security of the HealthMov Platform.
  • Verify your identity and prevent fraud or other unauthorized or illegal activity.
  • Use information we’ve collected from cookies and other technology to enhance your use of the HealthMov Platform and your experience with it.
  • Enforce our Terms of Use and other usage policies.

How We Share Information

We may share information about you with our partners, suppliers, corporate affiliates or other third parties (including third party processors) in order to provide you with access to the HealthMov Platform, facilitate your usage of it, or otherwise in line with the information set out in this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.  Typically, such information sharing will be done on the basis of your knowledge, agreement and/or direction – either directly (such as when you provide direct consent to sign up for the HealthMov Platform or a related service) or indirectly (such as when you voluntarily post information on a community forum on the HealthMov Platform with the awareness and knowledge it will be shared with other users and/or more widely on other social platforms, or permit third party applications to access to your HealthMov Platform account).  You may be able to control how and when certain information about you is shared using the privacy preference settings in your profile area of the HealthMov Platform.  

Your data will not be used, transferred or sold to any third parties such as advertising platforms, data brokers or resellers.

We may also share information about you with third parties for legal reasons, such as where we reasonably believe that disclosing the information is needed to:

  • comply with any valid legal process, governmental request, or applicable law, rule, or regulation.
  • Investigate, remedy, or enforce potential terms of service violations in relation to the HealthMov Platform or otherwise.
  • protect the rights, property, and safety of us, our users, or others.
  • detect and resolve any fraud or security concerns.

We may also need to share information about you with third parties as part of a potential merger or acquisition, or if we become involved in an asset sale, financing, liquidation or bankruptcy.

What are Your Access and Control Rights When Using the HealthMov Platform?


You may be able to control how and when certain information about you is shared using the privacy preference settings in your profile area of the HealthMov Platform. 

When using the HealthMov Platform we provide access to a profile page (HomePage>profile) allowing you to modify: 

  1. Your account information:  this may include information such as phone numbers, e-mail address, age, height, weight, etc. as well as in-app settings such as interests, language preferences and the ability to delete Your account 
  2. Your fitness and mindfulness preferences: this may include general medical information and family medical history, interests within the HeatlhMov Platform, likes and dislikes when it comes to fitness and mindfulness activities, etc.. 
  3. Available connections: this allows you to indicate the medical devices and/or connected wearables you use to interact with the HealthMov Platform. 
  4. Leaderboard : this may include your current ranking compared to others users within your company or department for which you have accepted to share information, the number of points related to your ranking  
  5. Support:  this enables you to access our FAQ, contact information for the HealthMov dedicated support team, and current versions of this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use for the HealthMov Platform
  6. Notifications: this allows you to indicate certain preferences as to when and how you receive information from or relating to the HealthMov Platform, such as your planned activities or any reminders for events or challenges, etc. 
  7. Settings. this is where you can make password changes (Face ID) and modify settings related to features such as languages, notifications, etc.  
  8. Log out. This allows you to log out of the HealthMov Platform

Third-Party Content and Integrations

The HealthMov Platform may also contain third-party links and search results, include third-party integrations, or offer a co-branded or third-party-branded service. Through these links, third-party integrations, and co-branded or third-party-branded services, you may be accessing and providing information (including Personal Information) directly to the third party, us, or both. By using these links, you will be leaving the HealthMov Platform, and will be subject to such privacy policies or notices that may be set out therein. We are not responsible for the content of any such third-party websites or applications, nor are we responsible for how those third parties collect or use your information. As always, we encourage you to review the privacy policies of every third-party service that you visit or use, including those third parties you interact with through the HealthMov Platform.

Bases for Using Your Information

We use and otherwise process your Personal Information when certain conditions apply. These conditions are called “legal bases” and we typically rely on one of five (although in certain circumstances, other legal bases may be applicable):

  • Contract. One reason we might use your information is because you’ve entered into an agreement with us, such as when you agree to access and use the HealthMov Platform through our Terms of Use.
  • Legitimate interest. Another reason we might use your information is because we have—or a third party has—a legitimate interest in doing so.
  • Consent. In some cases, we’ll ask for consent to use your information for specific purposes. If we do, we’ll make sure you can revoke your consent on the HealthMov Platform or otherwise as applicable in our services, via our website, through email or through your device permissions. Even if we’re not relying on consent to use your information, we may ask you for permission to access data like contacts and location.
  • Legal obligation. We may be required to use your information to comply with the law, like when we respond to valid legal processes or need to take action to protect our users, our services or any of our legal rights.
  • Vital or public interest.  We may use your information if it is necessary to protect the vital interests (such as life or health) of an individual or of the public, or to perform a task in the public interest.  

International Data Transfers

From time to time, in order to fulfil the purposes for processing your Personal Information described in this Privacy Policy, we may transfer that information to other countries. We will rely on certain legal bases to transfer your Personal Information, which may include your consent and our reliance (where applicable) on the EU Commission approved model contractual clauses, which establish certain privacy protections and security standards. 

You should be aware that some countries where we might transfer your Personal Information may have privacy and data protection laws and regulations that are different from (and may be less stringent than), the laws of your home country. By using the HealthMov Platform, you agree to this risk.  Personal Information may be processed or otherwise used by us in the United Arab Emirates, the EEA or any other country of our operations.

Our Processors

From time to time, we may use third parties to process your Personal Information (“Processors”).  Where we do so, we ensure that such Processors commit to providing an adequate level of protection of your Personal Information and do not use your Personal Information unlawfully. 

From our side, we will limit the amount of Personal Information shared with Processors only to that which is necessary for them to process the Personal Information for the purposes which we have engaged them.  

Some of the Processors that we currently use in connection with the HealthMov Platform are as follows: 

Processor Processing Activities / Services
Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Bahrain  Database and hosting services
Atlassian Support and ticketing services
SendInBlue Mailing service
SMSGlobal SMS service
Anura DeepAffex Digital Therapeutics Service Food recognition service
Merit incentives Rewards marketplace Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Slack Chat Messaging
WhatsApp from Facebook Chat Messaging
Open AI Chat GPT & Generative AI
Firebase from Google Google Mobile Development Platform
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) – Asia South 1 Database services
Google Analytics  Analytics
Google Workspace (G Suite) GMail / Google Drive / Google Agenda / Google Meet

We may remove, replace or update these Processors from time to time.  Where we do so, we will update this section of our Privacy Policy as soon as reasonably practical for us to do so.   

Your Rights

Under applicable data protection laws and regulations, you have certain rights in relation to your Personal Information.  These rights may be exercised by you free of charge, and may include:

Your right to withdraw consent – you have the right to withdraw a previously granted consent for us to use your Personal Information.

Your right of access – You have the right to ask us for copies of your Personal Information. 

Your right to rectification – You have the right to ask us to rectify Personal Information you think is inaccurate. You also have the right to ask us to complete information you think is incomplete. 

Your right to erasure – You have the right to ask us to erase your Personal information in certain circumstances. To delete your data go on the app to: Profile > Account Info > Delete my account

Your right to restriction of processing – You have the right to ask us to restrict the processing of your Personal Information in certain circumstances. 

Your right to object to processing – You have the right to object to the processing of your Personal Information in certain circumstances.

Your right to data portability – You have the right to ask that we transfer the Personal Information you gave us to another organisation, or to you, in certain circumstances.

Contact us at in order to inquire about or make a request for exercising any of the rights above.

Security, Safeguarding & Retention

We take reasonable measures to ensure that your Personal Information will be securely stored and protected against unauthorized access or use. We will not keep your Personal Information for any longer than is reasonably necessary to achieve the purposes for which it was collected in the first place.  

Revisions to this Privacy Policy & Supplemental Terms

We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. But when we do, we’ll let you know one way or another. Sometimes, we’ll let you know by revising the date at the top of the Privacy Policy that’s available on the HealthMov Platform. Other times, we may provide you with additional notice (such as adding a statement to HealthMov Platform homepage or login screen, sending an email or providing you with an in-app notification).  Your continued use of the HealthMov Platform after such changes have come into effect constitutes your consent to these changes.

There may also be additional or different terms related to privacy that apply to certain services (or aspects of certain services) that you may access or use via the HealthMov Platform.  These will be available to you through the relevant HealthMov Platform area.  Where there is any conflict between this Privacy Policy and any service-specific terms, the service-specific terms will prevail. 


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, or if you need to make any requests or complaints in connection with it, please contact us at